About Our Programs


  • All Things Creative is a Performing Arts Summer Camp and a future Afterschool Enrichment Program. It is a Unique and Creative Arts Program designed for Boys and girls, ages 8-17.


  • Campers have a choice of participating in the programs offered each upcoming summer.


  • Campers will be in an environment of mutual respect with instructors that will guide the natural talents of each young artist to new heights of individual creativity, affirmation, and pride. Through encouragement, support, respect, and accomplishment, children feel their greatest.


  • Our curriculum is unique, innovative, and filled with playful energy. Intricate and imaginative projects are designed to immerse each young artist in the exploration of their own ideas and creative choices.

Camp Express Yourself

  • Camp Express yourself is a camp allowing artists to explore and express their creativity through the Theater Arts. 

  • Campers/Artists will be encouraged to bring their creativity and collaboration skills. They will work together to create a final project that will involve acting, modeling, music and even dance.

  • This program will take your child through series of educational and team building workshops.

  • The group will learn fun acting techniques that will help with their confidence and self-expression

  • This camp is a melting pot of fun and self-expression if your Artist is interested in acting, dancing, singing, rapping, spoken word (poetry). Then this camp is for you.

Due to Covid-19 our capacity has been modified to fit current regulations. New Guidelines will be posted soon for upcoming 2021 programs!!!


More information!!

  • Limited seats per camp session

  • Dress code: Comfortable Casual Clothing

Lunch- Campers should bring their lunch every day. We do not provide Lunch. Snacks and drinks maybe available. 


Programs Offered


Artist Lane Creative Studio offers a variety of programs. Different programs are offered throughout the year and a more specific program during the Summer season.


  • Film Education, Media, and Set Design


  • Music (Singing, Rapping, songwriting etc.) /Dance/Music Production


  • Drama /Stage management and Show production


  • Entrepreneurship Education (YAYC Member)

  • Financial Literacy Education