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All summer programs are taught by highly qualified professionals who provide interactive educational training for students of all ages and skill levels. We’re proud to offer our youth and teen students the opportunity to learn from advanced students and successful working artists in their respective fields.


If you are interested in becoming a part of our growing family and team, please send a copy of your resume, with a brief description of your interests.




We are so grateful to all those who volunteer their time and energy to helping ALC! We are always looking for assistance with workshops, events, and many other jobs that may come up! We couldn’t do it without our volunteers!

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us at  and provide us with the following




•Phone number

•Time you are available to help

•General interest


Must provide a full background check, this position requires working with school-age children 18 and under.


Young Artist Youth Crew (YAYC)


We also are accepting applications for ALC Young Artist Youth Crew. These are young Artists that are interested in joining our team and as a junior staff member. They will have the opportunity to train and assist right beside our very talented and experienced Team/Staff members.



The ALC! Young Artist Youth Crew (YAYC) program seeks to train talented individuals like yourself to become leaders in the community while also helping you to prepare for your future. As a Crew participant, you will be required to attend first aid and CPR classes. You will also have group discussions and workshops about future projects.


You will be required to attend Training Day, held on Saturday before the program begins. On this day you will participate in team building activities in order to get to know your fellow Crew while also working with the staff to help set up camp, which begins the next week. At times, you will be expected to lead the campers in fun activities. Becoming part of the Crew is a big commitment, but a fun and memorable one.


We guarantee that you will learn, grow, and gain a lot of new information that can benefit you in your future. We look forward to starting this great relationship with you! Email us and ask about how to become a part of the youth crew.

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